USDJPY Heads Lower as Market Digests a More Dovish Fed

The US Dollar has seen broad weakness after the Federal Reserve moderated forward policy guidance.

US Dollar (DXY) Touches a Fresh 7-Week Low Despite a 25bp Fed Rate Hike

The US dollar is seemingly disregarding another US interest rate hike and is turning lower as traders weigh up the odds for any further increases

EUR/USD Price Outlook: Dovish FOMC Statement Propels EURUSD Higher

After the ECB’s 50 basis point hike and the possibility of a Fed pause at current levels, fierce dollar selling continues. In fact, markets now anticipate US rate cuts

Report: Global Patent Renewal Trends—Unpicking What Survives

We are delighted to share a new research report that explores trends in patent maintenance behaviors revealed through the analysis of two decades of patent data. By collecting and analyzing different data points, we explore the trends and directionality of patent filing and maintenance by jurisdiction and sector to understand what survives. The insights within […]

Millimeter Wave Radar System Keeps Drivers Safe on the Road

A new sensor could help reduce the number of accidents caused by impaired driving and could protect children left in hot cars. The Wireless Intelligent Sensing millimeter-wave radar system, developed by startup Pontosense, monitors vehicle occupants’ vital signs, and it can detect the presence of passengers in the vehicle and where they are seated. The […]

Gold Gains After Fed’s Dovish Hike Reinforces Bullish Trend, Breakout in Play

Gold prices rise after the Fed signals that its hiking cycle in nearing its end considering recent banking sector turmoil, an outcome that would stand to benefit non-yielding precious metals.

Upcycling a Tandy Model 100, Part II: I2C Strikes Back

Last year for Hands On, I gutted a defunct TRS-80 Model 100. The goal was to upgrade its 24 kilobytes of RAM and 2.4-megahertz, 8-bit CPU but keep the notebook computer’s lovely keyboard and LCD screen. That article was almost entirely about figuring out how to drive its squirrely 1980s-era LCD screen. I left the […]

Nvidia Speeds Key Chipmaking Computation by 40x

Nvidia says it has found a way to speed up a computation-limited step in the chipmaking process so that it happens 40 times as fast as today’s standard. Called inverse lithography, it’s a key tool that allows chipmakers to print nanometer-scale features using light with a longer wavelength than the size of those features. Inverse […]

BoE Raise Rates by 25bps, Expecting Inflation to Cool, GBP Edged Higher

BoE raised rates by 25bps as expected to fresh highs last seen in 2008. The vote was split 7-2 with policymakers Tenreyro and Dhingra voting to keep rates on hold.

UK Inflation Soars, GBP/USD Nears a Six-Week High, All Eyes on the Fed

The cost of living in the UK jumped unexpectedly in February, according to the latest official figures, ramping up the pressure on the Bank of England to hike interest rates on Thursday.

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